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We Fight For Victims Of Gun Violence

Gun violence is a hot-button issue in Texas and all over the country. It’s a complex area, and it’s not always clear exactly how to pursue compensation when you’re the victim of gun violence.

At LeGrand & Bernstein, we have extensive experience pursuing insurance companies’ and liable parties’ financial compensation. We take on cases of any size for victims in San Antonio and across Texas. Our reputation for success is nationally respected after our work on several high-profile cases, such as the Sutherland Springs Church shooting, which 26 people were killed. We’re here to help our clients hold those who hurt them accountable.

We Represent Any Victim Of Gun Violence

When we represent gun violence victims, we mean any victim – victims of one-on-one gun crimes, non-fatal shootings and even mass shooting victims. However, there is a significant challenge in such cases as there is a question about insurance. Most insurance policies do not cover intentional shootings. However, that isn’t the end of the story.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in the Texas legal system and can invoke insurance in several ways. Each case is extremely different, and we fully utilize our skills as investigators and interviewers. We speak with victims and witnesses and review police reports. We put in the work to secure the financial compensation our clients deserve.

You’re In A Unique Situation

Being a shooting victim puts you in a terrible, stressful situation, and you deserve all the help and compassion you can get. That’s what we offer you when you contact us. We treat you like a person when insurance companies and manufacturers attempt to exploit the legal process and gun laws to deny your claims.

Reach out to us today by calling 210-816-6460 or sending us an email to learn more about your situation. We’ll speak to you in a free consultation and ensure you know the way forward.